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Fundraiser Info

We will be running the fundraiser from March 27th – April 23rd. The fundraiser will be available both online and over the phone.

Some of our Goals:

  • Beautification (columns and decorative signs)
  • Create a Safe Crossing of Virginia Avenue to the City Park
  • Reduce Excessive Speeding On Summit Avenue
  • Improve Limited Visibility at the intersection of Reynolds Avenue and Summit Avenue
  • Stop Prostitution in the City Park
  • Stop Panhandling at the County Commuter Stop
  • Light Dark Alleyways & Dark spots in Park
  • Trim Over grown Bushes Limiting Visibility turning out of Alleyways
  • Eliminate Late Night Loitering

Contact Heather with any questions @ (240) 329-0547 or heather@historiccitypark.com.