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6:00 – 9:00 P.M. $5 Per Person

Portrayed by Larry & Constance Clowers, General Ulysses S. Grant will discuss his life, the war and his family’s connection to John Brown, while his wife, Julia Dent Grant will present a fashion show. Tour the Museum’s galleries with Ann Griffith as she tells haunting and tragic tales of Union and Confederate soldiers. Children can participate in bullet carving, an art form popular among troops as they model a bullet-sized piece of clay into a work of art and silhouette cutting, another fashionable pastime. Have your photograph taken as Abraham Lincoln, don the famous top hat and beard of “Honest Abe” as you pose for our photographer. Period refreshments such as gingerbread, hard tack, short bread, lemonade and apple cider will be sold in the galleries. Tickets are $5 per person for this very special, after-hours family event and can be purchased by phone or in person. Sponsored in part by the estate of Ms. Jane Steffey in memory of John Grason Steffey and Mary Erwin Steffey.

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