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With spring in the air, Hagerstown, Maryland and the League of American Bicyclists, the national organization of bicyclists, announce that May is National Bike Month, May 17 to 21, 2010 is Bike to Work Week and Friday, May 21, 2010 is Bike to Work Day.
Mayor Robert E. Bruchey II urges everyone to bike to work or try cycling for fun, fitness or transportation. “I would like to remind everyone that the City of Hagerstown has adopted a Bicycle Master Plan which is available for people to review at hagerstownmd.org. This plan was adopted by the City Council in March 2010.”

Mayor Bruchey went on to explain that the City is in the process of selecting members to be a part of the newly formed Bicycle Advisory Committee. “This group will be selected by the City Council in May and will begin meeting in June to advocate and promote bicycle riding in the City.”
Andy Clarke, President of the League of American Bicyclists, said, “Biking to work is an efficient and fun way to get the exercise you need, without having to find extra time to work out. And this year, with gasoline prices as high as they are, biking to work makes more sense than ever.”
Following are some tips that will help you enjoy biking to work more:

  • Have your bike checked over by your local bike shop
  • Always wear a helmet to protect your head in the event of a crash
  • Ride in the right-most lane that goes in the direction that you are traveling
  • Obey all stop signs, traffic lights and lane markings
  • Look before you change lanes or signal a turn; indicate your intention, then act
  • Be visible and predictable at all times; wear bright clothing and signal turns

“This is our first promotion that bicycling is a viable transportation option in the City in which we can use the City”s established bike routes,” stated City Engineer Rodney Tissue.