(301) 739-8577

In anticipation of the season’s snowy weather, the City of Hagerstown is offering a Snow Angels Program for eligible residents.

The assistance program, designed to maintain clear public walkways as required by the city code, matches volunteers with people in need of help clearing their sidewalks, the city said in a prepared release.

Those wishing to take advantage of the program must meet the following criteria:

  • Be the actual property owner.
  • Have a physical or medical condition that prohibits activity of this nature.
  • Be financially unable to pay for this service.
  • Have no family, neighbors or friends who could do this job.

Volunteers also are being sought for the program.

Registration for residents seeking assistance must be made by Dec. 23.  Applications are available by calling 301-739-8577, ext. 191, or by e-mailing Cindy Blackstock, city community development coordinator, at cblackstock@hagerstownmd.org.

The city requires sidewalks within the city’s business district to be cleared within four hours after a winter storm ends. In all other areas of the city, people have 10 hours to clear the sidewalks of snow and ice.

Inspectors leave notices if they find sidewalks are not clear, and return to see if they have been cleared.

If property owners don’t comply with a second notice, a city contractor is to be sent out to clear the sidewalks. There is a minimum charge of $70 when a contractor clears the sidewalks.