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Volunteers planted hundreds of flowers at Hagerstown City Park on Saturday.

A volunteer group, Historic City Park and Neighborhood’s First, is on a mission to beautify the Hagerstown City Park.

Organizers said the group was able to raise $800 with the help of organizations such as the Bester Community of Hope as well as from local residents.  

Last month, the city approved the project and volunteers said it’s a way for them to give back and beautify the park.  

“If you look at historic photos of the park, there were extensive gardens. There were rose gardens in front of here going all the way back and they lined up with the tree planting, but the park just didn’t have the budget to do the flowers,” said Heather Holman, the president of Historic City Park and Neighborhood’s First. 

The group planted around 200 flowers that consisted of begonias and butterfly bushes.