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By: Dana Chicklas

Arts in the Park just kicked off its second year with a preview of the Don Giovanni, an opera of comedy and drama put on by the Hub Opera Ensemble.

“One scene will be very tragic and the next will be very funny, and the next will be sort of sexy, then the next will be tragic again. It’s a really genius melding of the different types of entertainment really,” says Leah Crowne, playing the character Donna Anna.

Mozart’s Don Giovanni tells the story of a nobleman who weaves a web of lies, especially when it comes to women.

“I have been trapsing multiple countries after him ever since, following him to get him back. And if he doesn’t, I actually say that I will tear his heart out. She’s very violent,” says Christine Petkus, playing the character Donna Elvira.

The characters say the theme of this performance is steampunk, and say working together is a treat.

“We all really love this. Whenever we’re spending time together afterwards, this is what we’re talking about. As nerdy as it sounds, it really is a lifestyle, and it sort of an all-consuming process,” says Adam Piper, playing the character Masetto.

The Historic City Park Neighborhoods First group with Hagerstown City Parks and Recreation are hosting different events every other Sunday through September.


Heather Holman with the Historic City Park Neighborhoods First,  “The reason was to offer family entertainment in the park for free, to make our neighborhood a more family-friendly place,” says Heather Holman, with Historic City Park Neighborhoods First.

This coming Sunday Arts in the Park features a multi-cultural festival.

For a listing of Arts in the Park events see their website.

Hub Opera Ensemble is giving four performances of Don Giovanni at the Hagerstown Community College. For times and ticket information see their website.