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The grant finally came through for the City to plant trees! Urban Greening Grant is funding the city to play 160 trees in between the curb and the sidewalks and 80 trees in private yards. I’d like to get us together and pick which trees we like and try to get our neighbors involved and plant matching trees down our streets. The deadline for applying for them from the city is the 22nd of March so we have to move quickly if we are going to get any of these trees! Here are the types they are thinking of planting between the curbs and sidewalks. I personally like the Accolade Flowering Cherry.


Accolade Flowering Cherry


American Hornbeam


Thornless Honeylocust


Ivory Silk Japanese Lilac


Golden Raintree

Please fill out the tree application if you would like a tree! I will try to bring copies to the next meeting and motion that we try to get our neighbors involved.

Tree Application