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Project Guidelines

Traffic Issues

  • Determine the area (street, intersection, etc.) of concern.  Create a written document outlining both specific problem and the chosen solution or goal of the group.
  • Gather documentation
    • Request the use of the speed board to collect necessary data
      • Use Engineering Department as POC
    • Inquire about police reports
  • Invite staff from Engineering to discuss data and share information about requirements for traffic signals or changes in the current traffic control and possible options
  • Include other departments in discussion if project requires their expertise or lies within the scope of their responsibility
  • Have the group discuss what method/ change they would like to pursue
    • Ensure that the project is supported by the majority of the entire group
      • City staff must guarantee that any change to affect the neighborhood is well advertised and endorsed by those residents
        • The use of flyers and letters is common
  • Investigate both cost and funding
  • Have item placed on the Board of Traffic and Parking agenda
    • Have several neighborhood members present to show strength in numbers
  • Request improvement at Mayor and Council session
    • This may or may not have the recommendation of the Board of T & P
    • Again, have several neighborhood residents present for the session

Beautification Projects

  • Have the group discuss and decide what amenity they would like work toward
  • Develop the details: materials, location and cost
  • Involve the appropriate City departments: i.e.: Engineering, Public Works, CDBG, HPD
    • Seek assistance in determining that project will not effect traffic, right of way, site distance or create any inconvenience to residents
  • When all questions are resolved request improvement at Mayor & Council session

Additional comments:

  • Advise the City’s Community Development Coordinator of projects prior to their inception.
  • For maximum efficiency have one point of contact within each department that is involved and maintain that individual as your contact throughout the life of the project.

Helpful contact info:

Cindy Blackstock, Community Development, cblackstock@hagerstownmd.org

Tim Young, Engineering, tyoung@hagerstownmd.org