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I would like to thank you in the participation of the last meetings election, (October 09), of the Historic City Park Officers. Thank you for your vote and I look forward to promoting a better neighborhood and bringing this community together to accomplish beautifying our area, enforcing a strong, safe neighborhood. Below you will find an outline of the officer’s responsibilities:

President: Ms Laurel Kahn, to act as principal officer and spokesperson of this organization. Provide leadership, direction to the general membership, Executive Committee meetings, standing and ad-hoc committees. Act as liaison between the organization and City of Hagerstown’s Neighborhood 1st program. Preside over all regular and special memberships leading orderly discussions enforcing rules that offer every member a chance to speak for or against a motion.

Vice President: Mrs. Deborah Agee, to ensure the continuity in the leadership of the organization by supporting and assisting the President. Attend and participate in all membership and Executive Committee meetings. In the absence of the President, assume all duties of that office.

Secretary/Treasurer: Mrs. Heather Holman, to oversee the record keeping, website, correspondence of the membership and Executive Committee of the organization, understanding relevant provisions of the bylaws and Neighborhoods 1st program guidelines and policies. Attend and participate in all membership and Executive Committee meetings. Maintain directory of all members. Record and secure the minutes of meetings of the membership and Executive Committee and maintain a permanent, accurate record of the activities of the meetings and having previous minutes readily available to the President. Assume responsibilities of the President in the absence of the President and Vice President.

Our next meeting will be held at the Emmanuel United Methodist Church at 802 Summit Avenue and Howard, the first Wednesday, (4th) of November at 7 pm. in the evening. We will be looking for 5 Team Leaders to volunteer and determine our future goals for our neighborhood for this next year. This next meeting will be an important meeting, so please invite your neighbors to this event and look forward to seeing you there.

Ms Laurel Kahn